Jumat, 29 November 2013

About my Post

yesterday I laways post about my sickness
now it will same...
cause I always feel sick T.T

but maybe sometime I'll try to post about my happiness too^^
my friend was told me dont crying alone but u must try to smile although it hard..

try to smile then people around you will follow to smile too..

its nice statment but sometime I need to be alone to cying... I hate if people seeing me crying, then I like to post in here if I feel madly.. because I'm sure people who read my post don't know me ;D

here FTISLAND - Madly (Like Crazy) to you all who read my post, hope you like because this is my feeling now >> I'm madly like crazy.

I Found my blog back :D

Finally after long time I remember my password...
I miss you so much my lovely blogger!!
disini aq selalu menulis suka dan dukaku
curhat tentang semua yg terjadi dlam hidupku
dan mengatakan apapun yg ada dalam pikiranku tanpa ada rahasia...